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  • Psychic historian tries to solve ancient mysteries

    Ollie Cowan

    A SOUTHPORT man who says he is fed up with science, thinks he could use psychic powers to solve some of the most puzzling ancient mysteries of our time.

    Christopher O’Hanlon, from Banks, refers to himself as an international historian with a difference – for he uses a specific set of skills to solve countless ancient mysteries that have puzzled fellow historians and scientists for generations.

    Discarding the normally reliable tools used by historians, physicists and scientists, Christopher instead channels his intense psychic powers to ‘go back in time’ and work out what he believes actually happened.

    Among his discoveries, he claims that the earth is in fact a comet that used to move in and out of the solar system, Vikings were a super-technologically advanced race and water can no longer erode rock.

    Speaking to the Champion over his latest discovery – which aims to prove that the ancestors of the famous Southport Rimmers were technologically advanced geniuses who used soft rock to help their boats travel across Great Britain – Christopher said he was pleased with his work.

    He said: “I am not just a local historian but would call myself an international historian and I first started my work because I was just not satisfied with what science says about the past.

    “They couldn’t explain mysteries and they also said that psychic ability did not exist – but it does. I have psychic ability.

    “I meditate on the past and I come up with theories.

    “One of my theories is that the earth used to be a comet instead of a planet.

    “The earth used to go in and out of the solar system and life would come and go as a result.

    “French philosopher René Descartes had this idea too but Issac Newton didn’t agree.

    “I’m just backing up what was said by intellectuals 300 years ago.

    The latest mystery Christopher claims to have solved is how Vikings managed to get their longboats across mainland Britain – a process which led to the settlement of Meols and eventually the very first group of people that true Sandgrounders can call their ancestors.

    He said: “In ancient times – around 2,000 years ago – rock was soft and the earth had very little gravity and went very slowly.

    “Before 2,000 years there was no such things as years and the earth didn’t move.

    “It was in the middle of a cluster of spinning planets and was eventually hit by one of them, the moon, and that then smashed everything on earth and kickstarted life.

    “That brought magma and soft rock up to the surface and the Vikings knew this so they could use specially modified longboats to travel inland.”

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