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Great War Diaries


Saturday 2 August 2014


Based on letters and journals, many of which have never been published before, this tells the story of 1914-18 solely through the eyes of those who lived through it. In 1914, most people’s knowledge of war comes from schoolbooks and newspapers. Featuring the stories of a Scottish auxiliary nurse who accompanies the British army to Belgium as a matter of national honour, a young Cossack girl who follows her father into battle, a German mother who endures the untimely death of her only son, a French schoolboy who witnesses his country under occupation, a German schoolgirl who is forbidden to use French words in class, and an English journalist whose age is held against him, their diaries focus on what archive and historical analysis cannot reveal: personal tragedy, love, happiness, pain and grief. Through glorious dramatic reconstruction viewers experience the greatest war mankind had ever seen; not from the perspective of what it was, but of what it was like from within. Great War Diaries reveals the simple human experience of 1914-18, unsullied by historical interpretation.

Other TV shows worth a mention:

The 21st Question

Monday 4 August 2014


The 21st Question is a brand new quiz show, a game that revolves around what you know and how well you play your hand. Eleven contestants compete to get onto the power spot and to control the game. Whoever is standing on the power spot when quizmaster Gethin Jones asks the 21st and final question gets the chance to win big and take home all of the money made in the game.

Kids Behind Bars


Tuesday 5 August 2014
With extensive  access to Indiana’s Wabash Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, the programme provides a close insight into the lives of the incarcerated youths in its unit for teenagers, Block D, from those spending their first night to those preparing to move up to adult jail. America tries children in the adult justice system when they’ve repeatedly reoffended in the youth system, or their crime is considered so horrific that an adult maximum security prison is deemed the only answer. In the state of Indiana, children as young as 10 and charged with serious crimes can be tried and sentenced within the adult criminal justice system.

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