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  • OAP accuses council of ignoring tree safety

    Henry James

    A PENSIONER has accused West Lancs Council of putting people’s safety at risk by failing to properly maintain trees in the town.

    Brian Carr made the claim after a tree blew down onto playing fields near his home in School Lane, Skelmersdale.

    Mr Carr, 81, says he had been asking the council for months to trim the trees on the corner of School Lane and Kiln Lane as they were not safe. Then strong winds overnight earlier this month caused one to fall into neighbouring playing fields.

    Mr Carr said: “I had asked the council for months to take 30 feet off the trees on the corner of School Lane and Kiln Lane as it was obvious that they were not safe.

    “Then we had these strong winds which ripped a big branch off one and blew another one - about 60 feet in height - over completely and into playing fields. If it had come down during the daytime someone could have been killed.

    “Now I reckon it will be cost the council a lot of money to move that tree with a low-loader - it’s a big job.”

    A spokesman for the council responded: “The council takes matters of safety very seriously and inspected this poplar on Kiln Lane when Mr Carr contacted us about it. The tree was found to be safe and no pruning works were considered necessary at the time. Staff could not foresee that the tree would be blown down by strong winds.

    “Following the high winds overnight on June 5,  the council had to deal with a number of fallen trees. Staff had to prioritise which ones needed dealing with first. Works are underway to remove the tree from the open space on Kiln Lane.”

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