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  • ... meanwhile centre management checks outside lighting following safety concerns

    Henry James

    MANAGEMENT at the Concourse say they have checked the lighting levels outside the rear of the shopping centre after safety concerns were raised.

    A female resident contacted the Champion to say she feared the poor lighting in the pedestrianised area between the Nye Bevan pool and the Concourse put passers-by at risk of being mugged.

    She said: “The back of the baths is in blackness. You can’t walk in that area without feeling unsafe because it’s so dark. You could get mugged, especially during the winter months.

    “People are having to use torches to help them get about. There needs to be more lighting there. What do we pay our taxes for?”

    A spokesperson for the Concourse responded: “Regular maintenance checks are undertaken to ensure our outside lights are in working order.

    “One light was found not to be working and we are repairing that. A further investigation is to be carried out to check the lighting levels in that area of the centre.”

    A spokesman for Lancashire County Council, which is the highways authority, said: “Our street lighting is designed to illuminate the road and the footway on the roads we are responsible for, according to Department for Transport guidelines.

    “We are not responsible for the lighting in the immediate vicinity of The Concourse, and haven't made any changes to the street lighting on Northway recently.”

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