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  • Thoughtful play 'well-done' by theatre company

    Henry James

    THE play Sex Cells, which was performed at the Southport Little Theatre by the Too Friendly Theatre Company, initially looked like being just a comedy about four women working in a call centre for a company selling sex toys online.

    However it was much more than this as the amusing moments were balanced with more serious issues.

    The lead role of Lily was taken by Tracey Holmes-Smith. Lily started much of the banter in the office, and was dedicated to her job, but the audience found out she was estranged from her son and she was desperate to resolve this.

    Tracey played this part well and was equally as good in the light-hearted scenes as she was in the more serious moments.

    Sylvie (Jenny Roby) portrayed with skill the desperation her character feels at not being able to conceive. She was in an office where her colleagues have kids, yet she had not been blessed with her own children.

    Sylvie worked with Janice (Jo Wasilew) who has five children, and was finding it difficult to cope with the strains of family life. Although she did not let it get her down and kept in good spirits. In the show, Jo had a good ability to connect with the audience.

    The fourth member of the team was Tiffany (Jen Johnson) who is the youngest of the four. Tiffany liked a night out and was not yet ready to settle down to a long-term relationship. Jen brought out the humour in her role.

    The women work for Mr Causeway (Mark Haygarth) who is a reluctant boss, and had a secret crush on Lily. Mark handled his part well too.

    Southport audiences saw Jenny, Jo, and Tracey in All Souls Dramatic Club’s pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Atkinson earlier this year.

    This thoughtful play was well-done by the theatre company. 8/10

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