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  • Joseph to skydive for local charity that helped him after dad’s accident

    Tom Martin

    A TEENAGE carer will  jump out of a plane at 12,000ft in honour of his dad who sustained a traumatic brain injury.

    Joseph Ormesher, 15, who now cares for his permanently brain injured dad,  will brave a sky-dive on his 16th birthday to help raise vital funds for the charity which helped his family cope with the effects of brain injury.

    Joseph’s dad Andrew fell from a ladder in 2014, and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

    The dad-of-two now has to live with the lasting effects of his injury, including chronic fatigue and difficulties multitasking.

    Headway Sefton, a local brain injury charity based at St Anthony's Road, Blundellsands, offered services and support to Joseph and his loved ones following Andrew's injury.

    Since then, the selfless teen, who lives in Melling,  has made it his mission to give back to the charity which helped him and his dad so much.

    Joseph, along with his younger sister Jessica, both attend monthly support sessions at the charity and received a special recognition award in 2017 for their fundraising efforts.

    Joseph said: “I've found caring for my dad incredibly rewarding, but it hasn't been without its challenges.

    “It’s been difficult to come to terms with my dad's injury. He was my best friend and I miss who he was before.

    “But the most important thing is that we're making new memories and developing a new relationship almost five years on from the accident.

    “Sometimes it can be tough caring for my dad because he can get frustrated quickly and his fatigue often gets the better of him.

    “But I know it's just the brain injury making him behave the way he does. He's still my dad and I still love him just as much.”

    Joseph, who will be completing his skydive on July 1, hopes to raise £2,000.

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