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  • Councillor denies using community social media site for ‘cyber bullying’

    Henry James

    A PARISH councillor has denied accusations of ‘cyber bullying’ on the Official Maghull Community Facebook Page saying he has “zero tolerance” towards it and that it is an open forum for people to express their views without being offensive.

    Lydiate Parish Councillor Andy Wilson, helped found the site but a resident had complained that a section of it was used to “insult, abuse and ridicule local people.”

    The resident said that local councillors “should set an example to the community” and that it “appeared to encourage cyber bullying.”

    Cllr Wilson, however, said he had a “zero tolerance” for any kind of bullying and that the page was set up for a free and open discussion as long as they were repectful to others.

    He said: “The Official Maghull Community Facebook Page has grown and become a virtual community for people in our actual community.

    “I, and others, set up the group in order to give people in our community the opportunity to share their views and opinions on all matters of life in our part of Sefton. We specifically set up the group as a free and open forum for people to share any views they have, without fear of censorship, as long as they are respectful to others and their postings are not offensive.

    “As I was born and bred in Lydiate, the interests of the community of Lydiate and Maghull are my primary concerns.

    “Over the past few weeks, we have seen a huge spike in the number of users joining the group after an alternative site appeared to be purging hundreds of its members.

    “Again, as long as people follow our guidelines of only posting non-offensive comments, then the team of administrators and I are happy for them to join.

    “I have not seen any evidence of postings which are abusive, threatening or offensive on the groups pages.

    “In fact it has rapidly become a great place for members of our local community to come in and engage with each other in a pleasant and safe online environment.

    “The group has become a great way of bringing our community together, regardless of age, political views, or opinions.

    “We are willing to welcome in anyone to join our online community. The Maghull page has a sister page, the Lydiate and Maghull Community Page.”

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