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Psychic's clues to missing Shannon
19 March 2008
A WEST Lancs psychic says he had vital clues as to the whereabouts of missing Shannon Matthews seven days before she was found.

Joe Power met with Shannon's mother Karen and stepfather Craig on Saturday March 8 2008. He gave both known names of her abductor and the place where she was found. He also claims to know where Madeleine McCann was taken after she was snatched at a hotel in Portugal.

Joe, 41 said: "People contacted me to see if I could help find Shannon, they took me to an area outside the school and I went down to the hairdressers where I felt the abductor was hanging around.

"I felt Shannon got in the car with a person she knew. I said 'I'm picking up a lot of feelings here' so it was arranged that I would meet her mother and stepfather."

Joe went to Karen Matthews and Craig Meehan's home. When there he says Craig left the room. "I just got this sense that he should stay," said Joe.

"I said to Karen, do you know a Mick or Michael and she mentioned somebody else so I said 'no he's connected to Craig.' So I touched on who it was six days before she was found.

"I said 'something to do with Paul.'"

The man who is being charged with Shannon's abduction is known as Michael Donovan and Paul Drake.

Joe also says that he identified the area she had been taken to.

"I heard a voice saying she'd been taken to Batley, through one of my guides, crystal clear."

Reporters from the People newspaper substantiate Joe's claims and passed all his information to police.

And Joe believes that the police should make more use of mediums in missing person's cases.

"The main thing is that in Britain it's about time the police recognised real, gifted psychics who can save the police millions of pounds. It should be in the law. They do it in America.

"If they did they could have had Shannon seven days earlier."

Joe also claims that he could have helped in the Madeleine McCann case.

"I would have a good instinct of where that little girl is. I got a picture of the location where the police should be searching, when Madeleine was taken from the hotel she was taken to a house which isn't far away and her DNA would be there.

"I got hundreds of e-mails asking for assistance in that case."

By Peter Swift


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