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  • Jeremy’s back in town!

    Danielle Thompson

    LOOK who’s back in town... it’s Jeremy Corbyn.

    The Leader of the Labour party visited Southport for the second time since last year’s general election – and revealed his hopes for the future of the party in the town.

    Mr Corbyn, who has been Labour leader since 2015, spoke to Labour party members at the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union conference at the Prince of Wales Hotel on Lord Street.

    He told them that there is ‘more to come’ - a reference to his party pushing the Liberal Democrats into third place in the 2017 general election and last month gaining their first-ever elected Labour councillors in the town since the creation of Sefton in 1974. Labour won seats in the Kew and Norwood Wards.

    Mr Corbyn also spoke about Brexit, the creation of a national education service, housing and how a Labour government could ‘revive the fortunes of Southport’.

    He told party supporters: “I don't know which is going to come first, another general election or another chance to gain more seats in Southport but whichever it is, we are going to win both.

    “Labour is very active and absolutely part of Southport life, we are talking to people all the time about their lives, about their jobs, about their housing and about their hopes.”

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