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  • Arsonists target Coronation Park

    Kenny Parker

    WEST  Lancs Council is to step up surveillance of Coronation Park, Ormskirk after the fire service was called out to deal with a deliberate fire  since for the ninth time since last May.

    The latest incident involved a swing in the play area while others have involved rubbish fires and the burning of trees, bushes and grass cuttings. 

    Fire service crew manager, Graeme Spencer, said: “We are working alongside the council’s rangers and the police to identify the perpetrators and hopefully speak to them about the serious impact and consequences that lighting fires can have, not only to the environment and the Fire Service but also to themselves.

    “We suspect that the youths are of school age and are contacting the schools with a view to sending all parents and guardians an email.

    “With the dry conditions of late, it does not take long for a fire to get out of control and quite possibly affect property and other structures.” 

    A spokesperson for West Lancs Council said: “The council has CCTV cameras covering the park which have captured good images of the latest incident and the police are using these images to progress with their enquiries. 

    “The council’s parks and countryside rangers are working with the Fire Service and colleagues in the council’s CCTV suite and will also have a more visible presence in the park.

    “Potential vandals should be warned that if they are caught they could face prosecution. ”

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