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  • Extra police officers patrolling stations and trains ahead of annual Orange Lodge March in Southport

    Henry James

    EXTRA police officers will be patrolling stations and trains from Liverpool to Southport on Thursday for the annual Orange Lodge March.

    Those attending are reminded that Merseyrail’s alcohol byelaw will be stringently enforced throughout the day and officers will be assisting staff in enforcing the ban on alcohol on Merseyrail services.

    Under bylaw four it is an offence to carry open containers of alcohol or consume alcohol on Merseyrail stations and trains, so officers are asking those who plan on using the rail network to leave the booze behind before they travel.

    British Transport Police event commander Inspector Paul Cox said: “This is a polite reminder to ditch the drink if you’re travelling on Merseyrail services to the Orange Lodge March – otherwise you’ll have to find another way home.

    “In previous years attendees have been well behaved and we want that to continue. There’s a common link between drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and anti-social and criminal behaviour, so with this in mind we urge everyone attending to enjoy the event but to respect the alcohol policy and be mindful of other people using the services.

    “Please don’t attempt to travel with alcohol and if you’re deemed too intoxicated Merseyrail staff will have no choice but to refuse you travel.

    “Increased police patrols will be out and about to reassure rail users and to deal with any incidents should they arise.”

    Insp Cox added: “Any anti-social or abusive behaviour will be dealt with swiftly. We know most people simply want to travel in peace and enjoy the event, but there are a minority who instigate anti-social behaviour and we will take robust steps to deal with any offenders.

    “Anyone travelling on the railway on Thursday or at any other time should save our 61016 text number into their phones. It’s a handy and discreet  way to report crime if you aren’t able to make a call.”






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