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  • Cadets to take part in Knife Awareness programme

    Henry James

    SKELMERSDALE Sea Cadets will soon be undertaking the free “Optimal performance in Knife Awareness” programme, which has been designed to create awareness in young people of how to deal with threatening behaviour and defend themselves in a crisis situation. 

    This programme will be based at Tawd Road, Skelmersdale and will begin in October.

    It was successfully introduced at the Sea Cadets in Old Swan, Liverpool where the cadets and their commanding officer clearly supported the programme to such an extent that they recommended it to other Sea Cadet Units. 

    The aim of the programme is to learn to cope in a supportive atmosphere where there are activities and discussions.

    John Bullock, programme leader said: “We established very early on that our objectives are not to turn young people you into Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. 

    “It’s a safety-first programme and if possible, young people should contact the police or responsible adult, or simply running away maybe the best solution.

    “By installing confidence in a young person’s ability to dissolve a crises situation and using communication (verbal and body language), as a mechanism of control in a crises situation. 

    “Observation of an assailant’s body language and stance could establish a route out or determine the method of attack by the aggressor and to stack the odds in your favour of a successful defence.

    “Hopefully a cadet may not find themselves in such a dangerous position but if they do by learning how to defend a knife attack by controlling the weaponised limb and restricting the aggressor’s ability, it will maximise their opportunity to extract themselves from the situation as safely as possible.”

    Cllr John Fillis, Skelmersdale East said: “It’s an absolute tragedy that we see knife crime in the news almost on a daily basis. The police along with others within the community are trying their best to reduce the risk. But quite often it is the fear of crime that has the greatest impact on young people. 

    “Getting away is always the best policy and there is nothing wrong with calling the police or a responsible adult. However, it’s important that they gain confidence when going out and they are equipped with the knowledge and skills that this programme provides, which may help them if needed.”

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