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  • Traditional ballet performed faultlessly

    Danielle Thompson

    Russian State Ballet of Siberia’s Swan Lake

    Liverpool Empire, Tuesday, January 14


    This was a visually stunning performance throughout with sizzling chemistry shown between the two excellent leads, with Elena Svinko as Odette/Odile and Marcello Pelizzoni as Prince Siegfrid.

    As well as unbelievably talented solo performances, a series of stunningly choreographed routines showing the leads falling in love were faultless. It felt like time stopped still for the final part of the first half, with the classically trained dancers all putting in unforgettable performances.

    One scene that really stood out for me was the ‘mirroring’ scene when Prince Siegfried is performing a solo dance after meeting the beautiful Odette, who has been turned into a swan by her vengeful father.

    Her father, keeping a watchful eye over the prince, performs the exact same dance behind him in a mirror image. The two dancers are facing opposite ways and yet still perform the identical sequences with perfect timings, making for an unforgettable moment.

    The ballet honed in on the mirroring of the male and female parts – with the best performances dedicated not only to the relatively simple topic of the leads falling in love but the more intriguing dynamics between the Prince and his love’s evil, plotting father. Running parallel alongside this, was sweet, innocent Odette’s battle with the darker, evil side of herself as the sexually-charged Odile.

    The dances of the various maidens from distant lands competing for Prince Siegfried’s affections allowed the company, which hails from Krasnoyarsk, to branch out into different styles of dance and the eye-catching costumes from different countries added a memorable something ‘extra’ to the traditional ballet.

    Tchaikovsky’s score, once considered too complicated for ballet, was executed flawlessly by the live orchestra and there was a sweet moment when the prima ballerina brought musical director and chief conductor Anatoly Tchepurnoi on stage for applause at the end.

    It is a long performance, reaching 2.5 hours minus the interval, but it is a tribute to the talented team that this time flies by and never feels rushed or dragged out, but is a beautiful demonstration of traditional ballet performed faultlessly.

    To buy tickets for their national tour, which runs until the end of March and also features performances of Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, visit ents24.com/uk/tour-dates/russian-state-ballet-and-orchestra-of-siberia

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