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  • Cancer survivor who had a ‘near death experience’ hopes to raise awareness after BBC interview

    Henry James

    A SKELMERSDALE woman, who is an ovarian cancer survivor, appeared on the BBC programme Inside Out North West on Monday, February 3 to talk about her experiences.

    Becky Brothwood, 22, received the diagnosis after going to the doctors after she thought she was pregnant at the age of 17.

    She received a scan, and doctors spotted a mass in her left ovary. She was then able to receive treatment earlier than other woman with a similar condition.

    On the programme she said: “I say it was a near death experience because at one point we didn’t know whether I was going to make it or not.

    “I guess you just realise you’re a lot luckier and I think for me what’s more important now is little things like having a cup of tea, walking the dogs.

    “Actually in terms of how rare it is for me to get ovarian cancer at my age, and how it was found, it was just the right place at the right time.

    “The future is looking good. There is very, very little chance of it coming back.

    “The treatment that I had was really, really good.

    “I’d like to raise awareness of ovarian cancer just as much as other cancers.

    “I feel like so many people get affected by ovarian cancer too, but unfortunately a lot of people aren’t lucky with this illness.”

    Her dad, Ian Brothwood was also interviewed on the programme.

    He added: “If I’m having a bad day, I look back at the pictures of her being unwell and the pictures of her being well and thinking of what she went through.

    “Then your day doesn’t seem so bad anymore.”

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