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  • Crosby school's creative way to help pupils continue to learn at home!

    Danielle Thompson

    A CROSBY school has come up with a creative way to help pupils continue to learn at home.

    After schools across the country closed on Friday, March 20 for the vast majority of children, parents have been advised to help them carry on with their schoolwork at home.

    It has left some pupils having to test their self-discipline to stick to their workload and rely on their parents for additional support.

    Sacred Heart Catholic College, in Crosby, is using social media to help their pupils carry on their learning.

    Teachers have been uploading videos to the school’s website and also a new Instagram account to children different tasks to complete in a wide variety of subjects, including Science, French and History.

    Youngsters with internet access can then watch the videos and complete the tasks.

    In one post, it asked GCSE pupils to complete an essay on Romeo and Juliet, and in another post it asked children were asked to research the use of fossil fuels.

    A spokesperson for the school said: “Our staff are recording videos in lots of subjects you can see them on our website or on our new Instagram account: myschoolworkfromshcc.”

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