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  • Burst water main left hundreds of residents without water for hours

    Henry James

    HUNDREDS of homes in Skelmersdale, including elderly accommodation, were without water on the morning of Tuesday, October 10 following a burst water main.

    United Utilities had fixed the problem by the afternoon, but pensioners had gone the morning without water, and many had not been informed of why the water had gone off.

    Ron Walker, from Cedar Grove, said: “On that day I had water about 6am, then the supply went off in the early morning.

    “At first we did not know why the water had gone off, which can be a bit disturbing.

    “I am 71 and am one of the youngest residents. None of the others make any noise, if they have grievances.

    “I live by two people who are disabled. I was told that some of the kids were sent home from school during the problem.

    “However later in the morning United Utilities came round with water, which was good of them.

    “They also came round with information leaflets telling people what they should do if they see a leak. I plan to take them round to residents.

    “Considering the size of the leak, United Utilities did very well.

    “I was told that they plugged it during the day and came back in the night and fixed it. By 2pm my water was back.

    “I have water saved all the time. I always have six litres in the fridge, which does not cost much.

    “I distil water as I don’t trust the supply after traces of a parasite were found in the water supply in parts of Lancashire in 2015.”

    A spokesperson for United Utilities commented at the time of the problem: “We were notified just after 11am that a burst water main at Neverstitch Road in Skelmersdale was causing residents in parts of WN8, L39 and L40 postcodes to have little or no water or poor water pressure.

    “We’ve managed to restore water supplies for some customers and we’re working to get the water back on for customers in the remaining properties as soon as we can.”

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