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  • Council want to fill empty homes

    Tom Martin

    LIVERPOOL City Council has launched a new initiative to bring more empty homes back into use – by introducing buyers and sellers of vacant properties.

    The new and free 'matchmaking service' was launched on Wednesday, October 18 as Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson aims to bring a further 3,000 new homes back into use over the next three years.

    New figures show the number of long term empty properties, which are empty for more than six months, has dropped from 6,382 to 4,800.

    Key successes in this regeneration drive includes the council’s homes for a pound scheme, which has now seen 40 properties fully converted with another 60 in the pipeline.

    The city council also works with private sector partners in the Liverpool Housing Partnership, a scheme which aims to bring up to 1,000 vacant homes back into use as part of a £205 million investment over a five-year period which this year saw the opening of the award winning regeneration of Marwood Towers, in Everton.

    Mayor Anderson said: “Empty properties are wasted homes and can cause a range of problems that impacts on the environment and value of neighbouring properties. We’ve made huge strides in bringing down the number of long term vacant properties in recent years and this matchmaking service is part of a new approach to stimulate the market and create even more new affordable homes for families.”

    Councillor Frank Hont, Cabinet Member for Housing, added: “We are regularly approached by investors enquiring about empty homes in the city so we know the demand is there.

    “A lot of effort will be going into making this pilot scheme work, with an empty homes loan being looked into.”

    All empty home owners have to do is complete a property information form, the details from which will be shared via email to more than 100 investors already registered on the council’s database.

    Owners of an empty property wishing to register for the scheme, or if you are interested in purchasing an empty property in the city, should email emptyhomes@liverpool.gov.uk

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