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  • Busy nights for police and fire service for Bonfire period in Skelmersdale

    Henry James

    POLICE and fire crews in Skelmersdale had a busy time in the run up to and during Bonfire Night in the town.

    Police officers were called to incidents of anti-social behaviour while firefighters attended a car fire and a lorry fire.

    Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said they attended seven incidents on November 5.

    On Saturday, November 4 a motorcycle was seized after it was being ridden recklessly in Pimbo and failed to stop for police

    Later that evening police attended an area near Skelmersdale Fire Station after reports of under-age youths drinking and causing a nuisance.

    Residents of Castlehey also reported that youths were starting fires in their area.

    Police spoke to the parents of any youths they caught acting in an anti-social way.

    The following evening firefighters attended a car fire at Blakehall at 8.45pm at which arson was suspected.

    Firefighters attended another blaze involving a vehicle at 9.50pm at Potter Place when a trailer of a heavy goods vehicle had been set alight.

    A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The incidents we attended included bonfires, both organised ones and nuisance ones, that had got out of control, and the car fires.

    “To set cars alight is deplorable and destructive and could be potentially very dangerous. It is also a criminal act.”

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