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  • Merseyrail bosses tell public that the initiative to get round table to find settlement lies with RMT

    Henry James

    MERSEYRAIL has told the public in the Liverpool City Region that the inititaive to get round the table to find a settlement to the current industrial relations dispute lies firmly with the RMT.

    Merseyrail bosses have said that despite claims from the RMT that Merseyrail has set a precondition to Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham's recommendation of independent conciliation this is not true. They add that, “more strikes are not what the public want to see. They want a settlement.”

    The RMT Union is against plans to introduce trains where the doors are closed by the driver. This would usually be the role of the guard.

    Andy Heath, Merseyrail’s managing director said: “I would appeal to John Tilley, RMT regional organiser, to get round the table with my team in Merseyrail to work out a solution to the current impasse.

    “The proposed changes to the method of operation in the new trains is not about increasing profits for shareholders, zero hour contracts or compulsory redundancies. The opposite is the fact. It is a fact that there will be no increase in profit for the shareholders associated with these new trains. It is a fact that guards will have their current terms and conditions protected should they accept an alternative job. It is a fact that not one single guard will be made compulsory redundant as a result of these changes. Finally, it is a fact that every guard will be offered a guaranteed job elsewhere in the business.”

    The RMT Union has said the starting point for talks is the removal of all guards and RMT general secretary Mick Cash has commented: “Merseyrail’s mask has slipped, and the Metro Mayor and the other politicians who have been echoing their nonsense need to decide whether they support the most profitable private train operator in the country or the passengers and rail staff who want to put safety first.”

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