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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 (3074067)
So lucky that a shattered mirror was only trauma at my house
by Tom Martin

I CONFESS I am getting a trifle lost at the moment.

Christmas and New Year have conspired to make me wonder what week I am in - and which week’s Champion I am writing for.

It’s all because of the days of the week these two festivals happen to have fallen - coupled with the ‘extra’ public holidays, which because of weekends I seem somehow to have become two weeks behind in my thinking about which I am writing. If that makes any sense at all?

Anyway, because of this conspiracy on my small bear’s brain, I am sitting here just before New Year’s Eve, writing for the paper which appears on the streets in roughly a week’s time. It really is confusing.

Anyway, I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the Festive Season and came through without any major traumas.

When I see the horrific pictures of the devastation caused by the floods in Cumbria and York (and as I understand it in some parts of our own region in Lancashire as well), my heart really goes out to those people who have not only ‘lost’ Christmas, but also their treasured possessions and in some cases their homes as well.

And it makes me realise just how fortunate I am living where I do which always seems - and I am touching wood - to escape the worst of any really awfulness our climate can produce.

Lightening the mood a little, I hope, there was only one major catastrophe to disturb the Sharpe household over the holidays.

The dogs, Tina and Cinders, and I had finished our Boxing Day dinner and repaired to the living room to settle in for an evening’s telly, when I heard what sounded like a loud ‘crack’ followed by a thump.

Since Cinders was at the time loose in the hallway, I assumed she had succeeded in knocking something over - and because I could still hear her moving about I thought nothing much of it. Such things happen in Cinder World.

It was only a couple of hours later that I went into the dining room and found the large mirror which has adorned the chimney breast for as long as I can remember, was now lying shattered to smithereens all over the floor.

I knew what had caused it - and it certainly wasn’t the Mystery of the Mirror Cracked! I had placed a lighted candle in front of the mirror and though I blew it out before we left the room, I reckon the damage had already been done and the mirror’s doom sealed.

It took ages to make sure every last sliver of glass was hoovered up before they became embedded on the dogs’ paws.

Did I say ‘only one catastrophe’? Well there was very nearly a far more serious one earlier on Boxing Day.

I had a turkey roasting happily (yes, turkey on Boxing Day), when half-way through the over door fell off!

To be fair, it was my late brother George who damaged it originally, but until now it simply required a slight twist of the wrist and a hefty shove with the foot to close it.

I did actually manage to get it back (roughly) in place, but I fear it now needs a proper repair (or even replacement).

Still, as I said, our problems pale into insignificance compared to those of others.

So finally, since this is the last ’Dog’ I’ll be writing in 2015, may I wish you all good health and good spirits as I finally settle into 2016?


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