Southport is the second best place in England for a beer!

Southport is the second best place in England for a beer!

by Ollie Cowan (April 2016)

A NATIONAL study has confirmed what we have all known for a long time – Southport is one of the best places in England to get a good pint!

Different factors including price, cleanliness of the pumps, atmosphere and value for money have all been taken into account in the 2016 Beer Quality Report which compares real ales and pints from pubs across the country.

Second only to Doncaster, the resort has made a claim as one of the best places in the country for beer drinkers to enjoy what the report calls a ‘quality pint.’

And it didn’t take much to convince our reporter Ollie Cowan to hit the streets of Southport to independently verify the results of the Beer Quality Report.

Cue a trip to the Guest House pub on Union Street, one of the resort’s most popular real ale pubs and a taste test of a pint of mild poured by bar manager Jim Arnold.

Speaking to The Champion Jim said: “I think it’s really a case of cleanliness being the most important thing and how regularly the pipes are kept fresh which helps make a good beer.

“The North and South divide also has a big impact on beer and beer drinkers. Plus we pour our pints properly here and we have sparklers so they are never flat.

“But there’s no secret to our success and we get through an awful lot of beer each week”

The statistics show that regardless of which pub drinkers visit in the town, their chances of getting a bad pint is less than one in five.

Prices are also competitive, with beer lovers paying nearly a pound less for their pint than their neighbours in the south.

The Beer Quality Report states: “Doncaster  and Southport are the best places to enjoy a perfect pint, with beer drinkers having less than a one in five chance of being served a bad pint.

“Although the industry average is a third, the quantity of beer going through unclean lines can increase up to 65% in managed and independent sites in some regions.

“Beer drinkers in the North are more likely to be served a perfect pint, with a significantly lower average of unclean beer lines than in the South, even though drinkers in the South pay 82p extra a pint than Northerners.”

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