Everyman 'serves up theatrical treat'

Everyman 'serves up theatrical treat'

by Henry James (April 2019)

The show has some strong characters including Mrs Lovett who becomes the accomplice and business partner of Sweeney Todd.

Mrs Lovett is played by Kacey Ainsworth, who is perhaps best known for her role of Little Mo in the soap opera EastEnders.

Ainsworth’s character, Mrs Lovett, is completely different from Little Mo as she is confident and not afraid to speak out. Ainsworth shows her versatility her.

Liam Tobin brings a brooding intensity to the part of Sweeney Todd, whose customers don’t appear again once they have entered his shop.

Dean Nolan as a completely over the top Pirelli provides some humour to the show. Pirelli, who has an assistant called Tobias Ragg, (Shiv Rabheru) is a rival barber to Todd.

Todd challenges Pirelli to a shaving dual. There can only be one barber in Fleet Street.

The law is not shown in a good light in the musical and Judge Turpin (Paul Duckworth), who is helped by the Beadle Bamford (Mark Rice-Oxley), are constantly looking after their own interests.

The show has good supporting characters in Emma Dears as the Beggar Woman, Keziah Joseph as Johanna Barker, and Bryan Parry as Anthony Hope.

Sondheim’s music has some clever lyrics but takes some getting used to. The stand out numbers are Not While I'm Around and By the Sea. I like the way the musicians are involved in the action as well.

The show is on at the Liverpool Everyman until Saturday, May 18.

The Everyman producers have served up another theatrical treat. 7/10

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