Daisy backs blood donor appeal... after having 98 transfusions!

Daisy backs blood donor appeal... after having 98 transfusions!

by Tom Martin (June 2019)

A SOUTHPORT youngster who survived a rare illness  thanks to lifesaving blood transfusions, is appealing for locals to get behind National Blood Week.

Daisy Welsh, 8, who lives in Hillside, had an incredible 98 lifesaving blood transfusions from birth  after she was diagnosed with  a rare disease called diamond blackfan anaemia (DBA).

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Her bone marrow was not producing enough red blood cells to keep her alive and only donors kept her going.

Thankfully, Daisy received a stem cell transplant from her young sister Pixie three years ago, and has not needed a transfusion since..

Her family are keen supporters of blood donation appeals  and they have twice spoken at events to honour donors who have given blood 100 times or more.

Mum Nicci, 42, who is a childminder, said: “Daisy needed blood every month. She had a severe case of DBA and without her blood donors she could not have lasted until the stem cell transplant.

“It took her 12 months to recover from the transplant and she is doing fantastic now, she is thriving. We can’t thank the incredible people who give blood enough.”

Daisy and her family are now backing National Blood Week (June 10-16) and have joined NHS Blood and Transplant in an “urgent appeal” to call for more men to start donating, specifically at Liverpool donor centre.

Nationally, the number of male donors has been dropping and NHS Blood and Transplant is now asking men in Liverpool to make an appointment to donate for the first time at the donor centre in Dale Street.

Donors of every gender are welcome, and blood types are not gender specific. However, there are factors which make a strong number of male donors essential for a safe and efficient supply of blood to hospitals.

One of the reasons is that men generally have higher iron levels than women, so they are more likely to be able to donate on any given day. Donors with low iron levels cannot donate to protect their own health.

Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Blood donation saves lives. We need a new generation of young male donors, to ensure our donor base is strong enough to keep supplying lifesaving blood to hospitals.

Daisy's mum, Nicci, added: “We hope Daisy's story will inspire more men to start donating at Liverpool Donor Centre.”

To register and book an appointment visit the website: www.blood.co.uk or call 0300 123 23 23.

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