Scouse Snow White was 'King of the pantos'

Scouse Snow White was 'King of the pantos'

by By Ron Ellis (December 2019)

Scouse Snow White

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

A SLICK, fast moving panto, full of popular songs, loads of jokes, irreverent without being crude and every bit as good as last year’s smash hit, Scouse Cinderella.

The curtain opened to reveal a truly dazzling set, worthy of a Royal Performance, with a frosty sparkling dome which revolved into a cosy little, walk-in cottage with twinkling coloured lights and pixies and, above it, a platform on top.

When the three-piece band led by M.D.Howard Grey, struck up a rousing version of Madonna’s Material Girl, Lindzi Germaine strode onto the roof of the dome bellowing the vocals and electrified the audience who clapped along enthusiastically.

Lindzi played the Evil Queen who hires the Vampire Christmas Killer (Stephen Fletcher) to kill Snow White (Hayley Sheen) but first she has to deal with The Huntsman (Michael Fletcher) who has fallen in love with Snow White.

Centre stage was Andrew Schofield as The Narrator, who performed a one-man comedy show, the gags coming along thick and fast and totally topical with all the expected references to Everton, Man Utd, the Wirral, etc which brought the appropriate howls of approval from an audience. And that’s without the unscripted asides.

Keddy Sutton reprised her 2018 role as Mayor Joe, complete with the familiar bald pate.

Her unexpected ukulele rendition version of Joe Dolce’s ‘Shadup you face’ was a scream and brought the house down.

Newcomer, Samatha Arends, made her debut with Nana Dwarf, her appealing puppet who, on this showing, must make a return visit next year.

Jamie Clark as the sexy Genie and Emma Bispham, (understudy) completed the cast.

The hits kept coming throughout the evening, Uptown Girl, Money Money Money, plus romantic songs like Close to You and Windmills of Your Mind and a traditional version of Jimmie Rodgers’ classic country hit, In the Jailhouse Now.

Written by Kevin Fearon and directed by Chris Mellor, the tempo kept a fast pace throughout and the best thing I can say about this show is ‘it’s a typical Royal Court pantomime’ and nothing could be better than that.

Star Rating: 9 out of 10. King of the pantos. Not to be missed.

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