Candidates line up in battle for Sefton Central in the General Election

Candidates line up in battle for Sefton Central in the General Election

by Kenny Parker (December 2019)

IT’S a seven-way fight for candidates contesting the Sefton Central consitiuency in the forthcoming General Election on December 12.

Labour’s Bill Esterson, who is bidding to be elected for a fourth time, is opposed by Wazz Mughal for the Conservatives, Keith Cawdron for the Liberal Democrats, Alison Gibbon for the Green Party, Paul Lomas for the Brexit Party, Carla Burns for Renew. and Angela Preston for the Liberal Party.

Here the candidates outline their policies:

Bill Esterson (Labour): “I live in Maghull with my family. I have championed people from Aintree, Melling, Maghull, Lydiate, Crosby and Formby for the last nine years as your MP.

“I oppose fracking, the disastrous cuts imposed by the Conservatives and the Lib Dems and the sell-out deal by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage which would hand our NHS over to President Trump’s US healthcare corporations.

“My priorities are jobs in renewable energy, low carbon transport and energy efficient homes, proper support for our small businesses and reversing the cuts in our NHS, schools, police, fire service and council. Lets rebuild Britain with Labour.”

Wazz Mughal (Conservative): “Sefton Central has been neglected for too long. Our town centres are a shadow of their former glory, and precious Green Belt land is being built upon destroying our environment.

“Meanwhile in Southport the Conservatives have secured government funds to rejuvenate the town. Why should Sefton Central miss out? Why should YOU not benefit?

“A vote for me is a vote for a stronger voice, a better voice and better representation for Sefton Central. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote to make parliament work for you and ensure a progressive domestic agenda investing in our police, schools and NHS.”

Keith Cawdron (Liberal Democrats): “’Why on earth are you doing that?’  This has been a frequent response when I tell friends that, after living peacefully in Crosby for 32 years, I am standing for Parliament for the Liberal Democrats in Sefton Central. The answer is a famous comment that ‘Decisions are made by those who show up’.

In the referendum, I did not “show up.” I assumed that Remain (which I passionately support) would win.

Appalled by the result I became involved politically with the party that meets my values. Now I want to go on to make a real difference for local people and our communities.”

Alison Gibbon (Green Party): “Our way of life is threatened by climate change and our democratic values and systems are being tested as never before. We urgently need reform of our Parliamentary democracy and, together, we must take robust action to tackle the growing climate emergency, including a ban on fracking.

“I live in Formby and have been involved with advice services for most of my working life. I know how important it is for people to get the help they need for whatever problems they face in life. If we want things to change and be better for future generations, we all must do our bit.”

Paul Lomas (Brexit Party): “I was born and raised in Sefton and am proud of my heritage. Crosby, Maghull and Formby town centres are bustling social and community hubs which are an important element of any healthy community but which always need support.

“Having emigrated to Australia via the points system in 2007, I have encountered first hand the social  and economic benefits that free trade can provide. I am now living back here and decided to stand for Parliament as we must leave the EU and I do not trust the current crop of MPs to deliver that outcome.

“The Merseyside region is perfectly placed to reap the rewards of the many opportunities that await a post Brexit UK.”

Carla Burns (Renew Party): “I’m an NHS worker who was brought up in Crosby and studied at the University in Liverpool. I love our local coastline, green spaces and our culture of independent shops and businesses. I am standing for Renew as a person from outside politics and a mother of a six-year-old who wants to make a difference for our children’s futures.

“To me this means fighting to protect our environment, both locally and globally, and defending our place in an open Europe.  A lot of people, like me, feel unrepresented by the major parties, and that it’s time for something new."

Angela Preston (Liberal Party) : “We need MPs to respect the vote and move forwards on Brexit and then focus on building up quality public services

“If Sefton and the wider Merseyside area is to grow to its full potential then we need to strive to develop the lives and opportunities of our young people, and quality training schemes which look at the broader Social and Business skills. As a mother I have always wanted the best for my sons  as your MP I will want the best for all our young people.

“With a wealth of experience helping community charities, community radio and local business mentoring I know I can make a differ

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