Doris, the rescue dog, lands on her paws... thanks to the Champion

Doris, the rescue dog, lands on her paws... thanks to the Champion

by Danielle Thompson (January 2020)

A 13-YEAR-old rescue dog who had been returned to an animal shelter on four separate occasions, has started 2020 with new owners... and this time it is hoped ‘Doris’ really will have a ‘forever home’.

The Champion revealed in December that staff at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Ince Blundell were hoping for a ‘Christmas miracle’ six years after they first took in the lurcher.

Doris finds it difficult to live with other animals or children and needed a home with someone around for most of the day.

Debbie Hughes from Freshfeilds Animal Rescue said: “Doris’s new owner saw her sad story in The Champion newspaper, and knew instantly that she could offer her a good home.

“She said that she has had a rescue lurcher in the past and knew what fantastic dogs they were.

“Staff instantly knew that Doris had well and truly landed on her paws, and that she was going to be treated like a princess from here on.

“Doris will be living locally to Freshfields, so we will be keeping in touch with her.

“We are so grateful to The Champion as without the newspaper, Doris’ new owner, who lives in Formby, never would have spotted her and fallen in love!

“We are so delighted – she has gone from kennel to fireside and has finally got her very much deserved happy-ever-after!”

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