Esterson backs Keir Starmer for leader of Labour party

Esterson backs Keir Starmer for leader of Labour party

by Henry James (February 2020)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson has explained why he is backing Keir Starmer to be Labour leader.

Mr Esterson said: “My constituents and the country at large need a strong Labour Party and a Labour Government.

"We have an excellent field of candidates, and all of the leadership and deputy leadership candidates have a role to play in forging a new future for the Labour Party.

"We must build a team that will gain the trust of the public. We must demonstrate that investing in public services is of paramount importance.

“We need to make the case that the economic, environmental and social benefits of renewable energy, low carbon transport and energy efficient housing are tangible, not theoretical.

“We must rebuild trust with the electorate in order to have the chance to put these plans into action.

"If we are to compete with countries like France and Norway, we have to match their levels of investment in public services.

At the election in December, we would have done this, but we did not convince the public.

The next leader of our party must ensure that we are an effective opposition and that we become a credible alternative government to the Conservatives.

"Keir Starmer is the outstanding candidate to lead our party and our country. He has fought injustice around the world all his life and has supported working people in this country.

“Keir is the only candidate with direct experience of running a large organisation, having run the Crown Prosecution Service, which employs 8,000 staff. He understands that for Labour to succeed we will need to work as a team.

“Keir can bring the party back together and ensure we present a united front to the public.

"All the candidates, like me fought the election on our manifesto of investment in the future. Keir will place the Green New Deal at the heart of our policy making. He will build on our policies of publicly owned, publicly run services and ensure that we can put our values into practice by winning the next election.

"Keir Starmer as leader with Angela Rayner as deputy will deliver the radical, transformative agenda that our members want to see and that our country needs. That’s why I am backing them as a strong team and I hope that Labour members will do the same.”

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