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Skelmersdale residents being asked to give their experiences of lockdown for community film

Skelmersdale residents being asked to give their experiences of lockdown for community film

by Henry James (March 2020)

THE Skem, I Love You project has gone through so many twists and turns.

They are now operating as a community film, with everyone in Skem invited to share their footage of how they are coping through this coronavirus crisis.

It is hoped that together people can tell the story of how Skem get's through this unpredictable time.

They have just been awarded funding from Red Rose Bric awards which means they’ll be able to deliver their stand up workshops, but over the internet on a one-to-one basis.

Ian Gamester from the project said: “We can't let a lockdown stop us from giving young people life changing opportunities. All of these sessions will be recorded and also contribute to the community film.

“The film project has been an ever-changing concept, so now we're on lockdown we have to step up to the challenge.

“That is why I am inviting everyone in Skem to share their experiences of this lockdown.

“How are you coping? What difficulties are you facing? How are you helping each other?

“Share your good news stories. Share your experiences. Share your ups and downs. Document your life on this lockdown and share the footage with Skem, I Love You on this Facebook page.

“We need Skem, I Love You to be the first place you share your positive life affirming stories, the moments of when a community comes together and supports one another. If you are doing a good deed, then share it with us.

“We also want Skem, I Love You to be the safe place you can vent your frustrations and share your fears.

“Everything you send is confidential. We will take your footage and piece it together as a documentary that charts this unpredictable journey we are going on.

“Send as little or as much footage as you want. This is your chance to get creative, to be a documentary film maker. Capture the stories around you, your voice is just as important as everyone else.

“We are here to offer advice, support and technical expertise.

“We look forward to collaborating with you, supporting you as you document your life.

“We’re all going to face ups and downs, but if we do it together as a community then we have a better chance of getting through this. And with you filming it all, imagine how amazing Skem, I Love You will be. A story of how a community pulled together and showed love.

“We've already had contributions from Carl Eaton who runs the Skem MenAces, Katie Whitehead who runs Divine Days, Ian Whelan who is working with the Birchwood Junk Food Cafe. Our community is spreading, so in time we have a truly unique film that documents how this town of ours gets through this challenge.

“We welcome all people in Skem to get in touch and share their videos via our Facebook email.”

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Skem-I-Love-You-the-worlds-first-Social-Enterprise-feature-film-104026680961204

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