We saw strange sight in night sky too, claim readers

We saw strange sight in night sky too, claim readers

by Ollie Cowan (August 2016)

OUR UFO story last week has prompted more people to come forward claiming they, too, spotted the strange flying object above Meols Cop railway station.

The Champion reported how Ronnie Smith, a resident of Clifton Road in Southport, was astonished that he, along with another witness, saw an unknown object hovering over the area surrounding the station in the early hours of July 29.

He told our reporter that he had witnessed, shortly before 2.30am, a triangular shaped object ‘the size of a football field’ with disc shaped attachments on each point.

He says it hovered in the air for at least ten minutes before disappearing at speed.

Now more people have come forward to ‘validate’ Ronnie’s claims, saying that they too saw a mystery object in the sky.


Local resident, Kevin Flaherty, said: “I too saw an object I could not identify flying in the night sky over Meols Cop. It was neither a helicopter nor an aeroplane as I heard no noise coming from any engines.

“It looked from where I was standing and observing (my back yard) to be a large object, larger than any aeroplane I have ever seen or been on.

“I have seen lots of airships and hot air balloons too and it definitely was not the latter as it moved to quickly, and I might add too quickly to be the former.

“Moreover, for a while it just hovered in the sky as a helicopter might, but it was no helicopter.

“For a while I lived in London next to London heliport and saw all manner of helicopters, including large military helicopters, land and take off from there.

“This, I am sure, I have never seen before.

“I also lived in the USA for a time, Pasadena to be exact and once saw the International Space Station pass overhead.

“The flying object I saw was definitely not that and it was not a Stealth bomber.

“How do I know?

“Because during the annual Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena a stealth bomber flies over and one year I got to see one.

“ It was an awesome sight for sure, but what I saw fly over Meols Cop that night was even more awesome - it was much bigger and much quieter!”

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