Anti-mobile mast campaigners send out clear signal to phone company...

Anti-mobile mast campaigners send out clear signal to phone company...

by Ollie Cowan (February 2017)

2OVER sixty people have signed a petition asking the council to reject proposals to erect a 4G telephone mast in Southport.

CTIL Communications, on behalf of Vodafone and Telefonica, want to erect a 15 metre mobile phone mast on land at 32 Belmont Street – but face strong objection from at least 66 nearby residents who are begging the company to rethink their proposals.

Dukes Ward Councillor David Barton said: “I believe that the Council should listen to and act upon the views and concerns of the residents, who, for very good reasons, would prefer to see an alternative location found for any future Telecommunications Base Stations.

"Having conducted an extensive and thorough survey with the residents and CTIL the telephone provider, I would strongly recommend that the telephone provider waits until a better suited location becomes available that is not directly within a clustered residential area such as Belmont Street.

"I should like to thank both local residents and the telephone provider for continuing to seek the best placed site to improve our local telecommunications for the long-term and have confidence that such a better site may be found outside of Belmont Street.

"Following residents' requests I have submitted additional site locations where land and property owners have consented to acquiring a telephone mast in the future and thank those who have already come forward.

"Should anyone else wish to formally submit a location I would recommend they contact either myself or the telephone provider directly so that we may together achieve the best outcome for all."

A planning statement by CTIL Communications said: “This is an new Vodafone and Telefonica site with planned 4G to upgrade the geographical area for better coverage and capacity.”

“4G (LTE) is the latest service to be provided by operators for increasing data speeds on their networks and for improving the user experience.”

Responding to the peititon a spokesperson for CTIL told the Champion: “Vodafone and O2 customers expect to be able to use their mobiles and devices where they live, work and travel.  

“Base stations are low powered devices, therefore we have to put base stations close to our customers. 

“Vodafone and O2 identified that they need to improve the coverage to their customers in Birkdale and have proposed a base station on Belmont Street. 

“The proposed base station will provide 2G, 3G and 4G coverage for Vodafone and O2 customers. We have been consulting with the local community since September 2016, as part of this consultation forty alternative sites were considered. 

“The site on Belmont Street was considered the best available option as it can provide the expected level of service from a location where the development can be assimilated into the existing street scene. 

“All Vodafone and O2 base stations operate well within guideline safety limits, below these guidelines there is no evidence of adverse health effects for any members of the public.”

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