Urgent call for volunteers and funding for brand new Birkdale library scheme

Urgent call for volunteers and funding for brand new Birkdale library scheme

by Ollie Cowan (March 2017)

AN URGENT call to arms has been issued by the former Friends of Birkdale Library group to help launch a brand new community hub and reading centre in the village.

Now a registered charity, the newly named Birkdale Community Hub & Library group (BCHL) are asking for people to support their campaign to transform the former Birkdale Station Master’s House into a educational reading hub.

Originally called the Friends of Birkdale Library, the BCHL group were set up in order to campaign to prevent the council run library in Liverpool Road from closing down. 

Having lost this fight, a core committee from within the group set about trying to find alternative premises in the area where we could establish a library and community hub to continue to serve local people. 

After extensive talks it was decided they would take over the former station building on Liverpool Road after striking a deal with Merseyrail, however the group need urgent funds and volunteers to kickstart the project.

A spokesperson for the BCHL said:’ “We are excited that we have at last found that new home and it is our intention to bring back into use a building that was the one time station masters house adjoining Birkdale Railway Station.

“The Station Master’s House has been unused for many years and Merseyrail, who lease the building from Network Rail are very keen that it should be brought back into use. They are extremely supportive of our plans.

“We have worked alongside a local architect who has drawn up detailed plans incorporating the necessary alterations  required to make the building suitable for use as a library/community hub.

“At a site meeting on March 1, the architects plans were provisionally approved by Merseyrail and we are now awaiting final approval by Network Rail.

“With the house being situated in the centre of Birkdale Village, with excellent public transport access, we feel that the Station Master’s House will provide a welcoming community focal point and heritage experience for the Village.        

“We are now at the stage where we are seriously looking for funding to take the venture forward.  

“Ideally, if there were a community minded local business – or even an individual  – who would like their name to be associated with this exciting project, then please contact our secretary Sylvia Thompson on 0756 183 8818 and discuss how you might become involved. 

“This is an exciting project for all local people and we need your support to ensure The Station Masters House is a huge success.      We need donations large and small.    

“We need volunteers, both skilled and unskilled as well as, of course, books!”

For more information visit www.thestationmastershouse.co.uk.

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