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Now manager of Skem Men-Aces launches online petition in latest bid to save Glenburn 3G pitch

Now manager of Skem Men-Aces launches online petition in latest bid to save Glenburn 3G pitch

by Henry James (February 2018)

THE  manager of the Skem Men-Aces Football Club, Carl Eaton, has started an online petition to save the 3G football pitch at the former Glenburn school site in the town centre.

Delph Side Community Primary are trying to raise £300,000 to transfer the pitch to the school but it has been suggested that the facility could be reopened in its current location and given to the community.

Meanwhile, staff at the school in Eskdale have contacted the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, who has met teachers from the school, to see if he would help.

Two pupils at the school, Ruby Don and Buddy McHugh, have also been campaigning to save the pitch and appeared on Radio Lancashire on Monday. They have been given a badge from Blue Peter as well.

Posting on the Care2 Petitions website, Carl Eaton wrote: “The 3G football pitch on Glenburn has it gates all padlocked and has been left unused for many months. In the eyes of myself and many others this is a total outrage. When you consider that it was the taxpayers of Skelmerdale who funded this fabulous facility, to leave it unused is nothing short of disgraceful and yet another kick in the teeth for our forgotten town.

“Everybody in Skelmersdale knows the love the community has for football so for me the answer is simple. Hand it over to a community group or groups who could keep it maintained and run it how they see fit.

“It could and would be used all year round. It is in a central location where public transport is easy to access and it certainly would be more affordable.

“I’m absolutely of no doubt at all that if several clubs were to make good use of the facility as it was intended it would put Skem back in touch with grassroots football.

“We all know the plans for the Glenburn site but let’s be honest this is many years away so why can it not be used? Skelmersdale has lost so much of its sports facilities and we cannot let this happen again.

“Speaking as the manager of the Skem Men-Aces disabled football club this location would be ideal for us as during the summer months when we go outside it really is a struggle and strain to find suitable and affordable facilities.

“But this is not just about the Men-Aces, it is about the very many clubs in Skelmersdale that would hugely benefit from the Glenburn facility.”

To sign the petition visit www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/ and search Save Our 3G Pitch On Glenburn.

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