Sefton motorists are given 'warning notes' that they must pay for parking - or risk a fine

Sefton motorists are given 'warning notes' that they must pay for parking - or risk a fine

by Danielle Thompson (May 2020)

TRAFFIC wardens have been issuing warning notices to motorists across Sefton, reminding them that they must not risk parking in pay and display areas without a ticket - or they risk a fine.

Champion reader Mike Saunders got in touch after his colleague was given a windscreen sticker which she feared was a parking charge notice on Lord Street in Southport last week.

But the note inside, from Sefton Council, states: “On this association, we have decided not to issue you with a parking charge notice, but if you use a pay and display parking place in the future you will need to pay the charge to avoid a penalty charge notice being issued.”

Mr Saunders said: “It seems that Sefton Council will be issuing parking fines again. It's a shame as the free parking was definitely a boost for any shops that are open. It seems a bit short-sighted to me- as you will know, the government wants shops to start trying to open using social distancing. We love our town, we just want it to get back on its feet as soon and as safely as possible.”

A spokesman for Sefton Council responded: “Many Sefton Council car parks have remained open even during lockdown. With the exception of park and ride and multi storey car parks, all other council-run car parks are now fully open and charges will apply to these car parks and on-street parking.

“Motorists are reminded that they can pay for parking by phone at most locations. They are also being urged to sanitise thoroughly if they do use a pay and display machine.

“The authority however is not responsible, nor has any control over the operation of privately owned car parks.

“Civil Enforcement Officers will be following all guidance on social distancing. These officers are providing a vital and much needed service to ensure our borough’s incredible emergency services and NHS staff are able to freely move throughout Sefton without obstruction.

“We know the vast majority of our residents will appreciate that this is an important service and that our operatives are simply doing their job.

“However we will not tolerate any abuse, either verbal, written or physical, towards officers who are simply carrying out their day to day duties.

“While we would not expect significant numbers using these car parks at this time in accordance with national Stay at Home advice, we are reminding those who do chose to use our car parks and on-street parking spaces that fees and charges apply.”

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