Mum publishes her ‘brutally honest’ book on parenting!

Mum publishes her ‘brutally honest’ book on parenting!

by Tom Martin (June 2020)

A NETHERTON mum who was ‘sick of parenting books’ has published her own - which is a brutally honest take on motherhood!

Rebecca Oxtoby, 29, penned Mum’s the Word, which reveals the ‘ugly truths of parenting’ after she gave birth to her daughter Isabelle 11 months ago.

After self-publishing the book on Amazon, it has become a best-seller as she sheds light on hilarious moments that will strike a chord with mothers everywhere.

She said: “It’s a hilarious and brutally honest parenting memoir, exposing the truth behind life with a newborn.

“I’m a mum to a nearly-one year old, and I'm sick to death of parenting books pushing the ‘super mum’ pretence and nobody ever acknowledging that sometimes, it’s crap!

“The self-published book is raw but light-hearted, and is already rated as a bestseller on Amazon.

“I think a lot of new mums feel pressure; to know what they're doing, know what the cry means and maintain a picture-perfect Instagram account with a baby that doesn’t have vomit down the front of their babygrow.

“This is the first generation of mums who have the added pressure of social media closing in on them all the time.

“So I wanted to say it how it is. I wanted to document - sometimes brutally - how damn hard it is.

“How it’s okay to eat chocolate digestives for breakfast and binge watch Taskmaster. How it's absolutely fine if you don’t know the dance routine to Wind the Bobbin Up - because I don’t either!

“The book was therapeutic to begin with, it allowed me to say all the things I knew I shouldn’t say out loud.

“Then I realised that it would provide laughter, unity and comfort to new mums, so I published it myself. It's really difficult as an ‘indie’ author but I know that every mum will relate to the stories in this book.”

To buy it, search for Mum’s the Word at

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