It’s the designers who are stars in this show

It’s the designers who are stars in this show

by Danielle Thompson (June 2020)

IT’S a good thing Vauxhall was introduced to electric power before the two-metre rule was brought in. Right now it isn’t so much embracing it as coming up to it in a nightclub, reeling off its worst chat-up line and promptly snogging the face off it.

Already it’s introduced the Corsa – sorry, Corsa-e ­– in zero emissions form first, and it’s about to do the same with the Vivaro people carrier, but with the new Mokka you’d be forgiven for thinking that the very idea of burning things to make energy is a bit of an afterthought.

You have to get right down to the very bottom of Vauxhall’s press release, way past all the bits about a 201-mile range and the 100kW DC fast charging system, which allows an 80% charge-up in just 30 minutes, before you find it: “The newcomer will also be offered with particularly efficient petrol and diesel engines.”

I can almost hear the chap in charge of ensuring the new Mokka can still run on deceased dinosaurs sobbing in a corner, miffed that months of hard graft have been summed up in a single sentence. Then again, his mates in the zero emissions department, try as they might, haven’t exactly been getting the limelight either.

Nope, it’s the designers who are very much the stars of this week’s show because – and I never thought I’d write this – the Vauxhall Mokka looks fantastic.

While it’s a little bit shorter than the outgoing car, the new arrival also has a longer wheelbase, and that while the real-world benefit is a tad more interior space, it also gives the Mokka more of a wheel-at-each-corner stance, which helps looks-wise.

Beneath the skin it also uses the same basic ingredients as Peugeot’s 2008 and the current DS3 Crossback, but thanks to what Vauxhall’s calling its Vizor design treatment, it’s got a chiselled front end that almost looks like it could’ve come off a Victor from the Seventies.

The best news is that apparently this rather scrawny-eyed new demeanour is part of a whole new look for Vauxhall – so chances are this isn’t a million miles off how the next Astra will look.

Maybe it’s not as radical as what Ford were doing when it did its ‘New Edge’ look for the Puma, Focus and Ka two decades ago, but you get the idea.

The best bit? Normally when companies launch cars that look like this they’re inevitably one-offs that end up being watered down when they reach the showrooms a couple of years later – but the new Mokka is heading here towards the end of the summer.

In other words, Vauxhall doesn’t have time to ruin it.

You never know, it might even come in feelgood electric form too…


David Simister is the editor of Classic Car Weekly

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