More tennis is an ace idea!

More tennis is an ace idea!

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

A CAMPAIGN to see more people try out tennis has been backed by West Lancs MP Rosie Cooper.

The easing of lockdown restrictions has seen huge demand for tennis courts across the country in recent weeks, and now West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper is lending her backing to Play Your Way, an LTA campaign aimed at inspiring the nation to pick up a racket and play tennis on their terms.

Following the events of the past few months, there couldn’t be a better time to remind people how accessible tennis is and that it is open for business this summer.

MP Rosie Cooper said: “I’m supporting the Lawn Tennis Association’s Play Your Way campaign and encouraging my West Lancashire constituents to pick up a racket this summer at a local tennis court.

“Tennis is a fantastic way of staying active with friends whilst remaining socially distant, is a great sport for all ages and one you can enjoy at local park courts.”

Scott Lloyd, Chief Executive of the LTA added: “Despite what some people may think, tennis can be noisy and fun, the kit isn’t all-white and you don’t even have to play on a real court.

“It’s a fun, engaging sport, but we know that not everyone always feels that it’s a sport for them.

“We want people to feel they can pick up a tennis racket and ball and have a go anywhere, no matter what their experience or understanding of the game.”

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