Green light for energy firms to chase unpaid bills

Green light for energy firms to chase unpaid bills

by Tom Martin (July 2020)

ENERGY companies have been given the go-ahead to chase unpaid energy bills again.

During lockdown, many households took up the option of ‘payment-holidays’ from the likes of mortgages and energy bills.

Energy companies were told to stop chasing unpaid bills during this time, but they have now been allowed to resume this process - although they have been warned not to be aggressive in their pursuit.

Bailiffs have also been banned from knocking on doors to collect other unpaid debts, such as parking fines or council tax, and this will remain in place until August 24.

Ofgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley said: “We recognise that suppliers cannot extend unlimited credit to customers - nor is this in customers' interests overall - and we anticipate suppliers will begin to restart debt management activities that may have been paused during the immediate crisis.”

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