Have you seen yellow hearts in windows?

Have you seen yellow hearts in windows?

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

YOU might be very familiar with the sight of rainbows and teddies in people's windows during the coronavirus pandemic which have been used to spread a message of hope.

Recently some people have also put a picture of a yellow heart in their windows – which have a very special and personal meaning for those who put them up, as they are being used to remember loved ones.

The idea was started by Becky and Hannah Gompertz and their granddad, David, after their grandma, Sheila, passed away – and they wanted a special way to remember her and others who have died because of coronavirus.

They wrote on Facebook: “Very sadly our Grandma passed away after contracting the coronavirus. “Our Grandad wanted people to understand, not only the number of people who have died due to this virus, but how many people have been affected due to the loss of a family member or friend. He suggested that there could be a yellow symbol that individuals who have been affected by loss display in their windows, to show how the country is covered with families that have lost somebody and been touched by this pandemic. If every family that lost somebody dear put a yellow symbol in their window, on their door or the pavement, people would realise the extent of this national tragedy. We hope that if you are mourning someone, that you find comfort in solidarity.”

Champion reader Patricia Withers from Birkdale has shared a yellow heart in memory of her mum, Elizabeth Newsome who passed away from the coronavirus in April.

She said: “I was wondering whether people in Southport are aware of the significance of Yellow Hearts people have in their windows. They represent someone's life lost to the coronavirus.

“I would like to suggest that as Southport was horrifically battered by the virus, could we have some form of a memorial?”

Join the ‘Yellow Hearts to Remember- Covid19’ group on social media site Facebook to find out more.

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