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Dad launches petition to install crossing at ‘dangerous’ junction

Dad launches petition to install crossing at ‘dangerous’ junction

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

A DAD has launched a petition for a pedestrian crossing to be installed at “busy and dangerous” road junction in Maghull.

David Carroll, who lives in Lydiate, wants a crossing at the junction of Kenyons Lane and Northway as he says all the other junctions on A59 to Switch Island have a crossing yet this is the most dangerous.

The junction marks where the speed limit on Northway changes from 60mph to 40mph in the Liverpool direction while Kenyons Lane, which traverses the junction, has a speed limit of 20mph on both sides.

Mr Carroll says that as soon as the light turns from red on one set of lights, the others turn green which doesn’t leave enough time to cross the wide dual carriageway.

People have to run across the road to get out of the way of traffic – including his two young children, aged three and four.

The family crosses the road twice a day to go to school and back and they also cross the road at the weekend to go to the park nearby and local shops.

He also points out that there are large housing estates on both sides of Northway, as well as children’s playgrounds, and two primary schools nearby.

Sefton Council claim the junction is not used enough by pedestrians to warrant a crossing but Mr Carroll says that is because people are avoiding it because it is so dangerous.

He also says high hedges hide traffic entering the junction from Kenyons Lane lights.

Mr Carroll suggested that a delay of five or ten seconds could be added before lights turn to green to give pedestrians a chance to cross.

To sign the petition, which has already been signed by more than 200 people, go to change.org and search for ‘Assisted crossing on A59 and Kenyons Lane, Maghull’.

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