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Home, sweet home, at last, for Neo - dog attacked with an axe

Home, sweet home, at last, for Neo - dog attacked with an axe

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

A DOG brutally attacked with an axe by his owner, has finally found a new home, more than two years after its ordeal.

Neo’s plight is one of the most harrowing cases of cruelty that staff at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Ince Blundell, have ever come across.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross-breed was attacked along with another dog, Santos, in December 2017.

The injuries they sustained were horrifying and the vet who treated them said Neo’s lacerations were consistent with three or four blows with the sharp end of an axe.

The dogs spent six months in police kennels while an investigation took place. The dogs’ owner was taken to court and banned from keeping animals for 10 years. He was also ordered to pay £1,100 prosecution costs.

Santos, four, was adopted and re-named Sunshine in January 2019 - and now Neo, 12 has been taken on by new owners Connor Robinson and Millie Catterall.

Debbie Hughes from Freshfields said: “We are delighted to bring you the fantastic news that Neo, has finally found a wonderful home!

“Many of you will have followed his journey and remember the horrific injuries he sustained at the hands of his owner.

“They came to us after spending six months in police kennels. Whilst the physical injuries he endured were all too clear, we could only begin to imagine the mental abuse Neo had suffered. We were determined that Neo would only know love and kindness from the moment he stepped through our doors.
“Despite the trauma in his past, Neo proved himself to be a perfect gentleman, who loved to be fussed and cuddled and enjoyed his walks and adventures with a trusted and dedicated group of volunteer dog-walkers. We are always humbled by the incredible capacity for love and joy shown by animals who have known nothing but anger and abuse.

“Sadly, as time went by, Neo continued to be overlooked for adoption, until earlier this year when we received the phone call we had all been waiting for! We had to delay introductions due to Covid-19 restrictions, but as soon as we were able, we began slow introductions to his new family and home environment. It became clear almost immediately that Neo had formed a bond and wanted to stay with them.

“Connor and Millie, his new owners, have given Neo the loving home he so deserves.”

Millie said: “We have been following Neo since he first came to Freshfields. I have rescued dogs in the past and I’m now in a position to adopt. Our landlord was great and very understanding.

“When we first met Neo it was on the exercise field at Freshfields, and he made both of us smile with his antics!

“Neo has settled in brilliantly. He’s so happy when he’s snuggled between us on the sofa. He’s changed our lives and we’ve changed his!”

Dawn Hurst, Operations Manager Liverpool, said: “Everyone at Freshfields is thrilled to share this news with all our supporters. We know that Neo will be so happy with Connor and Millie. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped care for Neo during his time with us.

“Whether you’ve donated to his vet bills, followed his journey or helped in any other way, you’ve prepared him for the day he can go to his new home with a big smile on his face.

“We are so thankful that Neo has a fabulous home to call his own where he will be safe, loved and cherished. Have a wonderful life Neo, and enjoy your new home!”

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