Tread carefully to help protect rare toadlets!

Tread carefully to help protect rare toadlets!

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

HAVE you seen any rare

Natterjack toadlets on the Sefton coastline?

Staff at the National Trust revealed ‘it’s that wonderful time of year when Natterjack toadlets are emerging from pools’ and warned walkers that ‘if you're exploring the dunes at Formby, make sure you tread carefully - toadlets can be as small as a bluebottle. Dog owners should be careful with their pets around pools too’.

A spokesperson said: “This enigmatic amphibian is nocturnal and can be found in dune pools, or slacks, on warm nights during their breeding season from April to July.

“The males come to the pools first and call to the females using their distinctive ratchet-like song. These calls can be heard up to a mile away and have given rise to the Natterjack Toad’s local name - the Birkdale Nightingale.

“Your support helps us to care for the home of this threatened species, so thank you! You can read more about Formby's sand dune wildlife here:”

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