Improvements at Fiveways junction will be carried out in the autumn

Improvements at Fiveways junction will be carried out in the autumn

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

‘LONG overdue’ changes are to be made at Fiveways road junction in Ormskirk to help improve its safety record.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper says she has now secured commitment from the County Council for much-needed improvements at the accident hotspot.

The Champion reported last week that Ms Cooper had taken her calls for Fiveways junction to be given safety improvements, to the Home Secretary. She has also been urging Lancashire County Council to address the issues which she says include ‘confusing road layouts and reckless driving’ at the site.

After yet another road traffic collision at the junction, the MP wrote to both Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire County Council urging immediate safety improvements, as previously reported in the Champion.

LCC, as the local Highway Authority, have this week responded to her calls committing to assessing the junction and implementing some changes this year, including road markings and signage.

Ms Cooper said: “Whilst long overdue, I am pleased that Lancashire County Council have finally accepted that change is needed at this Fiveways Junction.

“LCC tell me that they are in the process of identifying changes to road markings and signing to assist with manoeuvres through the junction and to back-up the changed speed limit on the A59.

“This work will take place in the autumn.

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“Separately, I am still pursuing the Home Office to push through their approval for red-light and speed enforcement cameras, where the two sets of improvements will complement each other.

“For too long we have witnessed crash after crash, injuries and lives lost at junctions on County Road. Enough! I will continue to campaign for road safety improvements at this junction and on this stretch of County Road.”

Meanwhile Lancashire police say they are keen to install an enforcement camera system at the junction to deal with offences of excessive speed and drivers ignoring the traffic lights, but are awaiting Home Office approval.

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