Council backs new campaign to help domestic abuse victims

Council backs new campaign to help domestic abuse victims

by Tom Martin (July 2020)

WEST Lancashire Council has backed a new campaign to raise awareness and help stop domestic abuse.

Local councils, Lancashire Police, support agencies, the NHS and the Police and Crime Commissioner have all come together to create the #noexcuseforabuse campaign.

The aims are to raise awareness and understanding of domestic abuse, the help and support available to victims and perpetrators and how and where people can report their concerns.

With this in mind, the people of West Lancashire are being asked to support the campaign by:

Recognising that anyone can be affected by domestic abuse and it can happen in all types of relationships - couples, parents, grandparents or wider family members

Being aware that domestic abuse isn’t just physical – it can be emotional, physical, sexual, financial or controlling behaviour

Understanding that there’s no excuse for abuse - whatever the circumstances

Trusting your instincts - if something you've seen or heard doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t

Knowing where to find the help and support agencies in Lancashire – visit 

Reporting to the police if you’re worried about someone - you can report online at or by calling 101 or, if someone is at risk of immediate harm, dial 999

Angie Ridgwell, Chair of the Strategic Coordination Group of the Lancashire Resilience Forum and Chief Executive of Lancashire County Council said: “All organisations who are part of the #noexcuseforabuse campaign are committed to keeping people safe and protecting those people who need help. 

“Support services remain open for people who may be experiencing domestic abuse; they are ready and waiting to help you.

"There are a range of local agencies that can provide information, advice and support to people experiencing abuse, those who are abusing others and concerned members of the community.”

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw added: “Domestic abuse is unacceptable and I am proud to support this campaign to share that message loud and clear. 

“We know that children are present in many of the domestic abuse incidents our officers attend and the long-term damage this can do is immeasurable.

“People need to know that local services across Lancashire are ready to support them during the pandemic and beyond and this campaign is highlighting that information.”

For more information about the #noexcuseforabuse campaign and details of the help and support agencies in Lancashire, visit: 


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