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Council rescued my baby business, says grateful Jennifer

Council rescued my baby business, says grateful Jennifer

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

A businesswoman has praised Sefton Council for ‘coming to her rescue’ during the coronavirus crisis.

Jennifer Butler Scholes owns local companies  Empowered Bumps and The Hart Space which offer classes and support to expectant parents and new parents but, like many firms, had been forced to close her doors due to the pandemic.

She said: “Most of the groups that run from The Hart Space are female-led businesses.

“Nearly all of the class facilitators weren't eligible for the government income support scheme as they had not been trading long enough or got next to nothing from it."

“The lack of clarity over guidelines for our sector also meant that none of us knew where we stood to restart either, so we were all left in limbo with my premises shut."”

She spoke to Norwood Ward Councillor Greg Myers, who she says got the ‘wheels in motion’ with the local authority.

She added: “Public health officers then swung into action and were brilliant - within days I’d got all the advice and help I needed to  navigate  a way through all the confusion. 

“After so long shut I reopened safely this month.

“I suspect we’d have been going under if it had carried on much longer and it’s not just my business this has really helped but the dozen or so others that use our premises that can now work again.

“Sefton Council came to our rescue when others failed to and I can’t thank them and my councillor enough.”

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