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Sisters bring community together with charity rock challenge!

Sisters bring community together with charity rock challenge!

by Tom Martin (July 2020)

TWO young sisters from Melling have been praised for helping to brighten the day for people during lockdown after hiding colourful rocks and asking locals to find them!

Mia and Ruby Reney-Smith, who are eight and 10, not only provided a fun game for residents of Melling, but also raised £222 for charity.

After buying smooth rocks, they got out their paintbrushes to add some colour before hiding them around the area.

They then posted clues on a Facebook page so people could follow the game online before going outdoors to search for them.

It proved to be a big hit during lockdown and they got hundreds of people involved. After Mia and Ruby decided to sell the rocks for charity, they raised £222 for Melling in Bloom.

Fred Coyne, treasurer of Melling in Bloom, said: “We have some great young supporters whom our community can be proud of.

“Mia and her sister Ruby are the entrepreneurs who have bought these rocks and  changed them into works of art.

“Many in the community were impressed and, when the girls decided to sell the rocks with the proceeds being donated to Melling in Bloom, they rushed to support the project. Thank you to Mia and Ruby.”

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