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Former bingo caller, Cheryl, graduates from Edge Hill with a First class degree

Former bingo caller, Cheryl, graduates from Edge Hill with a First class degree

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

LIFE is tickety-boo for former bingo caller, Cheryl Spofforth, who has graduated from Edge Hill University with a First-Class Honours degree in Early Years Education.

The mum-of-three, 37, from Southport, who has worked in bingo halls since she was a dancing queen at 17, has now called time on her career which led her up the ranks to manager.

Cheryl said: “Bingo was always something I did as a side-line, when I was at school, then while I had my kids, it was never meant to be my career it just ended up that way.

“I loved it, bingo was my life and I worked at various bingo halls across Coventry, Sheffield and most recently Southport. I did all sorts of roles from caller to book sales to manager but the idea of teaching has always been there.

“Having three young children, now five, seven and nine, I always used to be really creative with activities and learning at home, then one day my daughter’s teacher said I should be a teacher and that got me thinking.”

Despite her panic about returning to study after so many years, Cheryl excelled and was awarded a university academic achievement scholarship award in her second year.

She said: “It’s been a fantastic three years. It’s been hard balancing being a mum with studying in the evening and working at the bingo every Saturday and Sunday. But having three young children going through early years education at the time did help as it meant I could test some ideas out on them before my placements.

“I hope I’ve inspired my own children with my work ethic so they know that if they work hard they can get the career they want.”

Cheryl has now secured a place on Edge Hill’s Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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