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£200k funding to combat theft and burglary in Skem

£200k funding to combat theft and burglary in Skem

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

funding worth almost £200,000 has been secured to tackle thefts and burglary in problem hotspots across Skelmersdale.

The announcement from the Home Office comes after two successful bids were submitted by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw.

Police and Crime Commissioners were invited to bid for a share of the Safer Streets Fund, with each project eligible for a grant of up to £550,000.

The funding will go towards a range of crime cutting measures including installing CCTV, alleygating, improved back gates and doors to properties where the existing ones are substandard as well as installing motion sensor lights.

The package of measures will aim to reduce crime in areas where burglary and theft have been highlighted as an issue.

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw said: “This is welcome news and the funding will go some way to deterring burglary, thefts and other crimes.

“I am consistently told by Lancashire residents that tackling theft and burglary in their areas should be a priority for Lancashire Police.

“These crime prevention measures are proven to work and will make criminals think twice before engaging in illegal activities. It was clear from research done by my office that simple measures such as alley gates, CCTV and better locks on doors can reduce crime significantly.

“I want the people of Lancashire to feel safe in their communities and homes. Knowing that these prevention measures are in place will go some way to doing that.

“Tackling crime and reoffending is a key priority in my police and crime plan and it is welcome that this funding will help achieve that aim.”

He has been awarded more than £700,000 of funding for projects in hotspots across Lancashire, with Skelmersdale awarded £197,500. Measures include Public Open Space CCTV Operated by the Council, street lighting environmental improvements including pruning and removing shrubbery and bushes, motorbike barriers, bespoke home security packages, improved back gates and doors, motion sensor security lights, alleygating and green space improvement.

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