MP wants more support for autistic people

MP wants more support for autistic people

by Danielle Thompson (August 2020)

WEST Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has pledged her support for creating a ‘society that works for autistic people and their families’.

She made the commitment at an All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) event in Parliament, marking the 10th anniversary of the Autism Act and highlighting the work that still needs to be done.

Under the landmark Autism Act, alongside other important laws like the Care Act, autistic people in England are entitled to the care and support they need.

But a recent inquiry by the APPGA, supported by the National Autistic Society, found that autistic people and their families in England still aren’t getting enough support.

Ms Cooper said: “I was delighted to attend this important event, marking the 10th anniversary of the landmark Autism Act.

“I am committed to representing everyone in the area and this of course includes autistic people and their families. Too many autistic people continue to face inequalities.

“I want to change this and am proud to pledge my support to creating a society that works for autistic people.

“We also need to see a reduction in waiting times for an autism diagnosis so advice and support can be provided much earlier.”

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