Junk food-loving family transform their lives after taking part on TV show

Junk food-loving family transform their lives after taking part on TV show

by Danielle Thompson (August 2020)

A SOUTHPORt family transformed their health and finances after taking part on a TV show called ‘Eat, Shop, Save’.

Sergio and Fatima Paiva live with their daughters Helena, 16, and Victoria, four, (pictured right) and appeared on the show last week in a bid to ditch their love of junk food and spend more wisely.

They were set a two month challenge to become healthier and more sensible with their money.

Previously, the family lived on a diet of fish and chips, chicken nuggets, and pasta. Mum, Fatima, spent £160 every six weeks on diet pills she bought online - despite not knowing what they contained and was horrified when they were sent to a lab to be tested and discovered they were made up of diazepam, antidepressants, caffeine and laxatives!

As well as this, the family had spent thousands on impulse buys such as gym equipment and a fancy camera they never used. But, thanks to the show, Fatima was able to ditch the diet pills and her family, the junk food. And Fatima managed to drop a stone in two months!

Fatima told viewers: “Our whole diet is based around deep fried fast food. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and spend £160 every six weeks on diet pills. I take three pills a day but don’t know what’s in them.”

A concerned Sergio added: “We only eat vegetables probably once a month. I worry about Fatima’s health and want her to be healthy. I also worry about our finances.”

Presenter Ranvir Singh sends in chef Dale Pinnock, shopper Kate Hardcastle, and personal trainer Tom Pitfield to put them on an eight week challenge.

Dale told Fatima when it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race, and the quick fixes have got to go. He inspires Fatima to ditch the ‘beige’ fast food and make tasty, healthy food from scratch.

Three weeks into the Paiva family’s Eat Shop Save challenge, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK and the country went into lockdown. The restaurant where Sergio worked as a kitchen manager closed down, leaving him furloughed on lower pay. With money getting tight, Fatima finds work on the frontline as a key worker at a hospital. Despite the difficult circumstances, the family pulled together and embraced their healthier lifestyle.

At the end of their eight week challenge, Fatima reveals she saves £160 every six weeks by no longer taking diet pills, and £400 from resisting impulse buys. And the whole family have learned to eat healthier and spend more wisly

Fatima said: “I now feel much healthier. When I wake up in the morning I feel good with myself. I wouldn't take diet pills ever again.”

To watch the show,

go to www.itv.com/hub/eat-shop-save

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