Mum who had emergency C-section wants to support fetal movement charity

Mum who had emergency C-section wants to support fetal movement charity

by Danielle Thompson (August 2020)

A MUM who had to have an emergency C-section when her baby stopped moving in the womb is campaigning to raise awareness of importance of keeping track of the symptoms.

Laura Cunnington, 34, from Crossens, was aware that something ‘just wasn’t right’ in the early hours of May 19, when she was 35 weeks pregnant with her third child, Chloe.

The 34-year-old, who makes personalised gifts, trusted her instincts and drove to Ormskirk Hospital, where she was horrified to find out that a monitoring trace showed a possible bleed. Her daughter was then delivered by an emergency c-section, weighing just 5lb 50z, around five weeks early.

Kicks Count is a UK's leading fetal movement awareness campaign charity, which aims to empower mums-to-be with knowledge of baby movements and the confidence to trust their instincts. It was founded in 2009 by a mum determined for others not to experience her tragedy, losing her daughter to stillbirth.

Now Laura, who also has a 14 year old daughter Madie, and four year old son, Owen, is campaigning for Kicks Count, to raise awareness of how critical it is to trust your instincts about your baby’s movements. Meanwhile, Owen will be taking part in the Kicks Count Games in a bid to raise funds for the charity.

Laura told the Champion that she had noticed less movements and attended hospital and she took a while to ‘meet the criteria’ for everything being okay.

Her baby had moved a bit around tea-time but not in the night – and the longer that she didn’t feel movements, the more concerned she became.

She said: “In the early hours of May 19, I couldn't sleep and knew something just wasn't right. I went to the hospital on my own as my husband wasn't allowed in due to coronavirus, which was nerve-wracking.

“The doctor explained the trace was showing signs of a possible bleed and that it was best to deliver the baby via an emergency C-section.

“We didn't know if my husband would make it in time. I was prepped for the section and, luckily, my husband made it a couple of minutes before.

“A short time after her birth, our little girl was taken to the Special Care Baby Unit. Chloe had a severely low iron count and, eventually, the amazing doctors discovered she had suffered a feto-maternal haemorrhage whilst inside me. Chloe needed an emergency blood transfusion and spent five days in neonatal care.

“We were very lucky to have been able to bring our little girl home. If I hadn't have known how important movements were because of Kicks Count, I wouldn't have gone in to be checked.

“If it wasn't for the brilliant doctors and midwives, it could have been a completely different story, and our little girl might not have been here with us now.”

The Kicks Count Games are being run throughout the summer, with ‘a sporty activity for everyone, whatever your age and interests.’

Chloe’s brother Owen, four, is taking part in the Games, tackling a 1k run and an egg and spoon race.

To sponsor him, as he is currently at £300, go to

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